Ethically Sourced Cocoa

Like coffee, our approach to cocoa buying is designed to ensure a long-term, high-quality supply while contributing positively to the environment and cocoa-farming communities.

Good Cocoa Practices, like spokes on a wheel, support each other. Organizational Stability, Internal Control Systems, Environmental Stewardship and Leadership, Social Responsibility, and Economic Accountability.

Our approach to buying cocoa, is also based on a commitment to ensuring a long-term supply of high-quality, ethically sourced cocoa while contributing positively to the environment and to cocoa-farming communities. Our Cocoa Practices program seeks to verify the supply chain for the cocoa beans used in our beverages, with inspections performed by independent verifiers overseen by SCS Global Services.

Our Cocoa Practices program is designed to understand the supply chain for cocoa beans and provide valuable sustainability information to producers and purchasers alike. As in the C.A.F.E Practices program, the inspections are performed by independent verifiers that are trained and audited by SCS Global Services. Our Cocoa Practices program has helped us identify key areas for improvement and increased our understanding of the dynamics of cocoa farming in West Africa.

What We're Working On

We're committed to improving the Cocoa Practices Guidelines and continuing our purchases of responsibly grown cocoa. Specifically, we plan to:

  • Update the criteria in Cocoa Practices based on feedback from verifiers, suppliers and the program auditor.
  • Design a continuous improvement system that encourages the farmers and farmer organizations to improve performance and earn a higher premium.
  • Continue to collaborate with the World Cocoa Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support the Cocoa Livelihoods Program in West Africa.